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UFO On Farm Road 318 - CD


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The Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands series takes the listener on a dark adventure, a wrong turn into a bizarre, alternate world of American country music performed by small town, unknown hicks. The first volume, UFO On Farm Road 318, collects eighteen ultra- rare hillbilly 45s recorded for long-lost independent record labels. Booze and desperation mixed in backwoods recording studios to produce songs that tell white- trash tales of alien abduction, swamp gas, and other off-the-grid weirdness.

The deluxe CD includes a 16-page booklet that features extensive sleeve notes from Texas rockabilly singer (and serial killer researcher) Mack Stevens, plus an original short story from underground writer Avery Powell, all pulled together with amazing graphic artwork from acclaimed illustrator Olaf Jens.

**Orders Shipping Now**