Image of FREE US SHIPPING! James Brown - Roots of Revolution (2CD - Apr 29, 2016) [Jewel Case]

FREE US SHIPPING! James Brown - Roots of Revolution (2CD - Apr 29, 2016) [Jewel Case]


36 Tracks.

Two CD edition. Perhaps you have seen him depicted in the recent feature film; possibly watched the HBO documentary. You might even have been amazed by accounts of legal shenanigans surrounding his estate. It's like James Brown never left, still stirring up controversy and whipping heads around In the 21st century. The Roots of Revolution is your ticket to understanding how his story began. This 2016 set from Southern Routes presents a complete collection of the Godfather of Soul's formative recording for Federal Records with The Famous Flames in late 1950's. This package features all of JB's early, explosive hits including "Please, Please, Please", "Try Me", "Think" and many more dynamic rhythm and blues gems. Essential!

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Disc: 1
1. Please, Please, Please
2. Why Do You Do Me
3. I Don t Know
4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
5. No, No, No, No
6. Hold My Baby s Hand
7. I Won t Plead No More
8. Chonnie-On-Chon
9. Just Won t Do Me Right
10. Let s Make It
11. Gonna Try
12. Can t Be The Same
13. Messing With The Blues
14. Love Or A Game
15. You re Mine, You re Mine
16. I Walked Alone
17. That Dood It
18. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
19. Begging, Begging
20. That s When I Lost My Heart

Disc: 2
1. Try Me
2. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
3. I Want You So Bad
4. There Must Be A Reason
5. I ve Got To Change
6. It Hurts To Tell You
7. It Was You
8. Got To Cry
9. Good Good Lovin
10. Don t Let It Happen To Me
11. I ll Go Crazy
12. I Know Its True
13. Think
14. You ve Got The Power (w/Bea Ford)
15. This Old Heart
16. Wonder When You re Coming Home